CADigital City envisions a society where there is universal access to information, products and services. We develop online platforms where people find information, products and services.

The iCity program aims to improve the use of internet through the set-up of platforms that leverage the online technologies and enhance peoples´ day-to-day lives and helps them to advance in their professional and personal lives.

What we Do

People are concerned about shelter/accommodation, transport, accessibility of businesses, services, markets, education, entertainment and information that helps them in their day-to-day endeavors. In this digital age, information is key to productive and better livelihoods. We at CADigital City are able to enhance access to education, markets, businesses and service providers, as well as basic needs such as accommodation, transport, and entertainment by creating the necessary online platforms that give people easy access to information, products and services that enhance their day-to-day lives and helps them advance in their professional and personal lives.

Create e-governance sites

enhance access to information

Create e-commerce sites

enhance access to markets

Create online directory

enhances access to services

Set up platforms for Education Institutions

enhance education delivery

Set up Portals and Profile Portfolios

enhance human capital development

online platform management

ensure up-time and provide accurate information

Our professional services

iCity aims to increase access to information through different initiatives with greater focus on web development for online presence through listings, portfolios and customized sites. Major areas of focus are information, markets, education, business and services. The program also aims to promote human capital development through creating portfolios to showcase different talents in sectors such as entertainment, sports and culture.

Information (e-governance)

Creating sites for nations´ or local authorities´ online presence. These will be; customized portal - UK model; one-stop-shop portal - US, NZ or Australia model; or any other preferred model.

Markets (e-commerce)

Creating e-commerce sites for the nations´ online market/shop (alibaba.com/eBay)

Business and Services (Directory)

To create business and service listings with company profile, product catalogue, location, contact details, news about on-going/upcoming events, promotions and providing direct contact from clients.

Education (e-learning)

To create online platforms for education institutions to enhance access to education and improve the education delivery systems

Travel Portal (Tourism)

a platform displaying tourist destinations, car hire/rental, hotels, lodges and other overnight accommodation providers and different outdoor resorts and tourism related service providers.

Profiles and Portfolios (Talent Portals)

online portfolios for variety of talents to showcase their works to the world: artists, models, musicians, actors and sports-persons.

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Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect client’s goal to reality


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