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Skills will get you far no matter what software you use

Digital Literacy

Educating children improves their financial security, overall well-being, increases productivity and in turn contributes more products and services to the global economy. Basic primary education is a fundamental right achieved through eradication of illiteracy but fundamental literacy and numeracy remains a dream for most people. Even the literates are not conversant with the tricky nature of changing technology. Digital Literacy helps build confidence and self-esteem that enables one to aspire a decent livelihood and a dignified position in society through the right use of Technology, based on the right skills acquired at the right time.


CADigital City envisions a society with universal access to education and technology. We develop human resources by improving access to education through capacity strengthening, policy analysis and program interventions using innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. Our Corporate Training initiative focuses on education and training, promotes gender-responsive education and above all, the use of technology. As an Organization, we are able to influence change by acting as a bridge to channel resources and expertise to areas that need them the most.


“CADigital City improves Digital Literacy Skills and ensures that Citizens connect and use Technology responsibly.”

Treby Munya, Consultant

Who We Are

CADigital City offers Corporate Training, Architectural Visualization and Digital Branding services. CADigital City is an inclusive City with universal access to information, products and services that enhance people’s day-to-day lives and help them to advance in their professional and personal lives. #Edutainment #Development

What We Do

We demystify technology and build technological competent communities. CADigital City cultivates digital literacy skills: increases peoples’ proficiency with technology, professional tools and applications. We stimulate and enhance creative intelligence by imparting effective technology skills through practical applications and active engagement.